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Hey future chief of Business Intelligence & Analytics of Blendle! 


At Blendle, we’re overhauling the way journalism is experienced. We make sure our readers have easy access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines every day, and out of those thousands of new articles, we deliver the perfect selection to them.

To achieve this, we constantly analyze how Blendle is used, where our users get stuck, how our A/B-tests run, and how the rest of the team act on all this information. Blendle currently has over 1,000,000 users, so that’s a big pile of events already.

We do a fine job at collecting all that data, but it’s time for the next step. That’s where you come in.

You’ll decide Blendle’s data roadmap

Eventually, we want every single decision – from our payment model to picking new coffee beans – to be based on data. Together with our analysts and developers, you’ll make sure all data is available in real-time, and modeled in a way that everyone can easily find what they’re looking for. So basically, your job ensures every Blendle employee becomes a data analyst to some degree.

You have what it takes to do this: experience with business analytics, predictive modeling and forecasting, but you also know your stuff when it comes to the technical side of things (data warehousing, data modeling, and ETL/ELT).

We’ll get to the nitty gritty description of your skills soon, but first we’ll tell you a bit more about why we chose to join Blendle ourselves. 

These are the five most important reasons, in a random order:

1. Blendle fulfils an important task

Journalism is a vital component of any society, but even the greatest newspapers and magazines continuously show a decrease in sales. Blendle offers a new revenue stream which will help ensure the continuity of great journalism.

2. Simultaneously, we make many people happy because they'll also be able to read all those brilliant articles without needing subscriptions 

We enjoy creating a product that is enjoyed by over 650,000 users now and and hopefully it won’t take too long before we reach millions of people.

3. A fun team

There are eighty of us at Blendle. And there’s a killer vibe. Check out these enviable snapshots of us at the office and on weekend trips:

And anyone who doesn’t care for weekend trips or swimming does something else. Because everyone does what feels right to them. Which brings us to number four:

4. Freedom

You decide when and where you work. Roland starts his day opening his laptop on a Rotterdam balcony and Jean regularly spends the night talking to himself in our chat program whilst coding. We assume you know what works best for you, so you don’t need us to make the rules. 

Hopefully there are multiple points on this list that make you just as enthusiastic as we are! 

Alright, here comes the wish list: 

  • You have years of experience with data analysis, and – more importantly – with strategies for getting insights and visualization out of data and metrics (using tools like Looker, Tableau, Domo, Pentaho and Splunk).

  • You feel perfectly at home with data modeling and data warehouse concepts (like dimensional modeling, Data Vaults, ETL/ELT approaches, real-time data processing and SQL).

  • You know what tools you need to build an infrastructure that will help us today, but that is still of use in three years as well.
  • In your first week, you’ll present a vision and roadmap for our data analysis, which can be implemented straight away.

  • And the implementation is done by you. You’re not the kind of person who wants to be showed the way: you’re an independent worker who paves the way.

  • You’re ready to lead a team of 80 people :O Kind of. Because if you succeed, every Blendle employee will feel like a data analyst, and the whole of Blendle becomes your team. To achieve this, you’ll be responsible for how we use data across the company, and how we let it guide our decisions.

  • So it’s vital that you are able to craft complicated things into a comprehensible story for everyone.

  • And you’re just a really nice, relaxed lady or gent to work with.

Still here? Great.

Resumés explaining what high school you went to, or what supermarket you mopped the floors of, are not really our thing. We’d much rather receive an application in which you give us a short impression of who you are, and why you were made for this job – if a specific employer or field of studies is relevant, we’ll read it there.

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