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Hello future Data Scientist of Blendle!


The people pictured above are overhauling the way journalism is experienced. We make sure our readers have easy access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines every day, and out of those thousands of new articles, we aim to deliver the perfect selection to them.

To achieve this we constantly try to improve the processes and algorithms that personalize Blendle for each user. We strive to understand as much as possible about our articles and user behavior, and leverage the knowledge of all the fantastic journalists we have. 

We are proud of our article enrichment pipeline (which automatically adds all kinds of relevant metadata), our streaming online learning infrastructure and the machine learning we apply to make the work of our editorial staff easier.

We’ll get to the nitty gritty description of your skills soon, but first we’ll tell you a bit more about why we chose to join Blendle ourselves. These were the most important reasons for us, in random order:

1. What Blendle does is important

Journalism is an essential part of every society, but newspapers and magazines see their revenues drop. Every day, fantastic articles are published – much better than the ones you’ll find on free websites – yet fewer people have subscriptions, and therefore more journalists are getting fired. At Blendle, we want to tap into a new revenue source for newspapers and magazines.

2. And at the same time, we’re making people happy

Because they can now easily access brilliant articles, without having to get a subscription to every single publication. We find it awesome to build a product that’s used by 1,000,000 people at this stage, which will hopefully be used by even more people soon.

3. A fun team

Blendle employs nearly 60 people now, and the atmosphere is great. Below you’ll find some pictures of our office, and our weekend getaways:

4. The freedom

We expect you know best how to unlock your full potential, and don’t need any rules for that. Roland for example kicks off his day on an idyllic balcony in Rotterdam with his laptop on his lap, and Jean likes to work at night, talking to himself in our chat program while he’s programming.

5. Freebies

On top of a monthly donation to a bank account of your choice, we take good care of you in the office. Every day, lunch is prepared with love, and we’re happy to fix dinner or a massage when needed. Don’t live in Utrecht? Then we’ll cover the expenses for the thing that gets you here: either public transport, or your dear fuel-sipping car.

Alright, here comes our wish list:

We’re looking for a hands-on data scientist who has experience with designing and building systems that do smart things with data. For instance, you've worked under the hood of recommendation systems, search engines or other machine learning system. Preferably, you have a background in a relevant quantitative field like Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.

We are a small company so you will need to get your hands dirty. You'll be working in a multi-disciplinary product team, with awesome engineers to help you, but you will definitely work on production systems yourself. Your work does not end with a fancy model that works on a toy dataset. You’ll make sure that we actually run the model in production, ship the data product that you have built and properly test it with an A/B test. 

The things we like to work with as data scientists include:
- Python
- Scikit-learn
- Spark
- Pandas
- Elasticsearch
- Kafka

Our engineers like to work with Ruby and Kubernetes, so experience with those is considered a plus.

Still here? Great.

Resumés explaining what high school you went to, or what supermarket you mopped the floors of, are not really our thing. Hit the button and we will contact you!